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 Sky is the Limit

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PostSubject: Sky is the Limit   Tue Oct 07, 2008 6:57 pm

Dear Sky,

As i am right now so very madd on towards on what you have did. I would like to say
that you Cleary Ruined they game. For alot, The Items that We gained Not by only Events
but buying our self. Spending Money just for it to get wiped away? I Thought you guys would
atleast ask us what we lost and give it back to us. like +5 items just incase you feel the
person lying. Decressing the exp rate? but giving us
high dmgs for easy lvl? that is not Kool guys theirs no fun, btw atleast post up what happaning to sky
everysingle skyer wants to know why server down or when it's a Manticance. Heck i'll
even do it for free. Thats how much we want to know. we want this server stay alive but
how can it when stuff like this happeneds even with out us knowing =/. Hopfully you'll do it
( if you have other lifes like school , work , etc this is not for you )

Bye i'm leaving ,
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PostSubject: Re: Sky is the Limit   Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:01 pm

bye lemme know if u need this

we dont need this lol


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Sky is the Limit
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