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 We're Having an Wipe Out

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PostSubject: We're Having an Wipe Out   Tue Oct 07, 2008 1:12 am

11:45 PM 10/06/08 we have an wipeout for an items
It's Because there's alot of godly items around the server
To stop this i kicked out some GMs and choose the right one i can trust.

and i know they have some question like

where's my items?
where can we get it?
what happen to my stuff?
do i have to able to get it from GMs?
etc. etc.

all the items are gone..

when u login the game and if you saw 1 of GM of skyflyff just ask them for perin that you can used to Buy YOUR own stuff..
and upgrade it..

the good thing is

you dont need spros to prevent the failures of upgrading
you just need sunstones and moonstones and pimp your items ..

That's all



Please Don't Break The RULES :)
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We're Having an Wipe Out
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