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 Read here before posting! F.A.Q.

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PostSubject: Read here before posting! F.A.Q.   Sun Oct 12, 2008 7:24 pm

It seems to me that a lot of people do not have the common sense to look at the announcements and/or read other important information. Well, hopefully, this little F.A.Q. will summerize ALL that for you! Search no further! Answers lie within this thread!

[Warning] This is your only warning. If I see any threads about server being down or duplicate threads, I'll be locking and deleting them!

<~~ Click here! It shows whether or not the servers are up! Also, you can register for an in-game account, too!

Extra Rules!
-Absolutely NO advertising of other games and/or private servers. People who do will be punished.
-More to come!

What are the rules of Sky FlyForFun?
Link: Sky FlyForFun's Rules

How do I play Sky FlyForFun?
Click this link: Tutorial By Glen!

--But wait... I still can't play!
Well, there could be a lot of reasons for that. You did not follow the steps correctly. Don't say the steps don't work because it worked for me. It should work for you. You'll need the v11 download... do not update to v12! Or... you're not connected to Sky's Hamachi servers.

Why is server down?!?!?!
Please. Please. Please do not ask this question. There's a million threads about it everyday. Understand that this server is still "new" so most of the time, the server will be experiencing some troubles and/or be down to fix a few bugs and adding content to it. Just be patient and the server will be up sooner or later! :3

Is Server up?? -
Don't ask. It'll be up when it's up or announced! :3 Be patient.
Server not working for me? -
Go back to the question: "How Do I play Sky FlyForFun." Hopefully this answers that question.

Ugh! It's so laggy! Why?
Well... that should have been self-explanitory. We're using Hamachi servers and we don't have a dedi host. Of course it's going to be laggy. What makes lag worse is if you have bad internet connection, bad graphics card, and/or just too many people on at a time. Deal with it. It's a new server and hopefully, we'll get a dedicated host. Thanks :3

Rollback!! Can I have my items back?
This is usually out of the question. Only way you can have your items back is if you're a donator or you have "proof" that you had the items. Liars will be banned.

Omg, so many bugs! Why?
Wow. Are you serious? o.O It's a new server. Bugs will be fixed overtime. Be patient :3 For now, if you have any bugs to report. Post them in this thread: Report Bugs Here!

Can I be a Game Master or Forum Moderator?
Maybe. Depends really. here's a format that you'll need to follow. Read this first: Game Master or Mod Format
If you think you're interested, post in these forums: Post your applications here!

Is there a chat room for Sky FlyForFun?

Yes there is, please join us at:

If you think of anything else to add to this post, please say so. Help is always appreciated! :3 Thanks guys. x3 Hope you enjoyed my F.A.Q.

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Read here before posting! F.A.Q.
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